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Volume 24 No. 135

Collegiate Sports

          USA TODAY's Carey & Mihoces examine the state of the
     NCAA in a Sports cover story, under the title, "Organization
     In Transition: Resilience Pivotal Trait For Future."  In a
     sidebar, Carey & Mihoces interview NCAA Exec Dir Cedric
     Dempsey.  Dempsey, on the NCAA's image: "A large number of
     people see the NCAA either as a regulatory body making rules
     or enforcing rules, or as championships and in most of those
     cases they're talking about the Final Four.  Most people
     have no idea that we run 81 championships.  Most people have
     no idea about the other education services and programs. 
     They have no idea of the kinds of events and programs we run
     for student-athletes" (USA TODAY, 6/30).