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Volume 24 No. 156
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          In Boston, Frank Dell'Apa reports that U.S. Soccer
     coach Steve Sampson "will soon be gone," and whoever takes
     his place "must move the team in a different direction." 
     Dell'Apa: "The lesson driven home in this World Cup is that
     soccer is not a nice sport. ... There is no place for
     amateurs and volunteers" (BOSTON GLOBE, 6/24).  In DC, Amy
     Shipley reports that "dissatisfaction with the strategy and
     decision-making" employed by Sampson "surfaced today" in the
     U.S. camp, and that the "discontent may erupt" following
     Thursday's game versus Yugoslavia when some players "plan to
     voice their displeasures about a variety of Sampson's
     decisions."  Alexi Lalas: "Everybody's ready to explode. 
     You can get ready for it" (WASHINGTON POST, 6/24).
          NOTES: In Toronto, William Houston reports that despite
     a decline in U.S. ratings, World Cup TV ratings in Canada
     are up about 30% from '94.  TSN has averaged 340,000 viewers
     for the first eight matches, an increase of almost 100,000 a
     match from the first round of '94 (GLOBE & MAIL, 6/24).
     ...In L.A., Scott Moe reviewed the official World Cup Web
     site,, saying that it "is loaded with
     everything a soccer World Cup fan would ever need to know." 
     Moe: "This site is headers and shoulders above any other
     offering World Cup coverage" (L.A. TIMES, 6/23).
          LAUGH TRACK: NBC's Jay Leno: "Do you folks know the
     three different stages of sleep?  First there's R.E.M., I
     guess that's when you dream. ...  Alpha sleep is where you
     sleep really deep.  And then the final stage --  World Cup
     soccer sleep" ("Tonight Show," 6/23).  David Letterman:
     "Boy, I want to tell you something, ladies and gentlemen,
     we're all very excited, all very proud here at CBS.  We now
     have the exclusive broadcast rights for Iranian soccer." 
     More Letterman: "I'm very excited.  And talk about luck -- I
     own Kodadad Azizi's rookie card.  I knew that wouldn't do
     anything, I just like saying Kodadad Azizi" (CBS, 6/23).