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Volume 24 No. 159
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          The FINANCIAL TIMES continues its World Cup sponsors
     index.  With 22 matches played by last Thursday, Nike,
     "which kits out of six of the 32 finalists, had a 40-point
     lead over its rivals," followed by adidas and Puma
     (FINANCIAL TIMES, 6/20)....The AP's Skip Wollenberg examined
     marketing and promotions around the World Cup and wrote the
     "volume has been turned down" in the U.S. on promotional
     activity surrounding the event.  Neither Gillette, Coca-Cola
     nor McDonald's have "bought commercial time on the English-
     language networks" carrying World Cup matches in the U.S. 
     All "three companies signed on mainly to market themselves
     outside" the U.S. and "they expect to get their money's
     worth" (DETROIT NEWS, 6/20)....In Philadelphia, Christopher
     Hepp profiled Nike's marketing efforts around the World Cup
     as it makes soccer its "centerpiece" for the company's
     "diversification and global growth" (PHILA. INQUIRER, 6/21).