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Volume 24 No. 117
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          SportsLine USA "would appear to be in the catbird seat"
     as World Cup action attracts "as many as" 10 million hits a
     day to its Web site and its stock price is "holding its own
     after sinking sharply last month," according to Jay Sherman
     of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.  However, although "the outlook
     looks bright," some execs "aren't satisfied and have
     launched an initiative designed to bring the SportsLine name
     beyond personal computer screens."  SportsLine USA 
     VP/Programming Ross Levinsohn said that he "envisions"
     expanding the brand "by rolling out TV-like content on the
     site, building a fan base and then making the leap to either
     TV or movies."  Levinsohn said that the company "is in
     talks" with a major studio to develop a TV program which
     would start on the Web and "eventually air on TV, provided
     it developed an audience online."  Although he declined to
     be more specific, he said he "would like" to have a show
     running by year-end or early next year.  SportsLine has been
     working with the William Morris Agency and "exploring" how
     to meld its "sports business with entertainment," and the
     company has set aside "its second-largest financial
     commitment yet to develop new content."  Levinsohn has been
     "scouring the creative communities" in Hollywood, N.Y. and
     London in search of "ideas that will work within the
     SportsLine framework" (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, 6/18).