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Volume 24 No. 156

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

          The NBA said yesterday that it "has stopped Kellogg
     from issuing" a Corn Flakes box featuring the NBA champion
     Bulls on its front because Michael Jordan is a spokesperson
     for General Mills' Wheaties, according to Lee Egerstrom of
     the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS.  Earlier this month, the NBA and
     Kellogg announced an agreement naming Kellogg the NBA's
     breakfast-food sponsor and the "plan" was for Kellogg to
     manufacture a Corn Flakes box featuring the NBA champs,
     whoever it happened to be.  But Egerstrom reports that the
     NBA decided against the Corn Flakes box, "apparently to
     avoid possible legal battles" with General Mills.  General
     Mills spokesperson David Dix said the company has not had
     contact with either Kellogg or the league.  Egerstrom adds
     that the loss of a Bulls' Corn Flakes box could cost Kellogg
     "as much as" $6.25M in lost sales (PIONEER PRESS, 6/18). 
          THE BASS MAN: General Mills will manufacture more than
     two million Wheaties boxes featuring the winner of the Bass
     fishing Forrest L. Wood Tour, ending today in CT.  The boxes
     will be available in stores in October (USA TODAY, 6/18).
          AIR QUALITY: CA-based ad agency Spencer Communications
     will pay an unspecified amount to settle a lawsuit over a
     magazine ad for NC-based Fountain Powerboats, which mentions
     Michael Jordan, according to a court document.  Agents for
     Jordan "demanded" $1M, saying the advertisement "constituted
     trademark infringement and diluted the value of Jordan's
     name" (AP/Raleigh NEWS & OBSERVER, 6/18)....Larry Miller,
     the newly named President of Nike's Jordan Brand division,
     will oversee the transition of the brand into a separate
     unit by August 1.  The line projects $350M in gross revenue
     in '98.  Miller said that he did not have specifics of new
     product development, the orientation of the new company or
     any additional hiring (Portland OREGONIAN, 6/18). 

          The Eagles have signed a deal with CT-based Imadgine
     Video Systems to handle virtual advertising for the team's
     pre-season games this year.  The team said it will also use
     Imadgine's virtual replay system to analyze game action
     (Eagles).  In Philadelphia, Leslie Nicholson reports the
     specifics of the Eagles/Imadgine deal, and writes that while
     the team could place ads on the playing surface, it isn't
     "looking into it at this point" (PHILA. INQUIRER, 6/18).
          TOBACCO: Senate Republicans yesterday killed a national
     tobacco bill, "ending a grueling, four-week debate on the
     ambitious but ultimately unwieldy measure" that sought to
     curb tobacco usage, and tobacco companies advertising and
     marketing.  In DC, Torry & Dewar report that Democrats
     "warned" that they will "attempt to attach the tobacco
     measure to virtually every bill that comes to the floor this
     year" (WASHINGTON POST, 6/18).  But NBC's Tom Brokaw said
     the fight for the bill is "effectively over" (NBC, 6/17).  
          OTHER NOTES: MA-based Woolf Associates has finalized a
     one-year deal with B&J Collectibles on behalf of its client,
     Yankees P David Wells. Wells will autograph items and make
     appearances on behalf of B&J (Woolf)....The NTRA took out a
     six-page, four-color ad in USA TODAY titled, "A What's-Up
     Guide To Thoroughbred Horseracing" (THE DAILY).

          With the U.S. Open beginning today at the Olympic Club     in San Francisco, THE DAILY charts the equipment deals for     some of the world's most successful and popular golfers.      Players include those in the top 20 in the '97 year-end     World Rankings, leaders on the '98 PGA Tour money list and     other selected pros. Players are listed alphabetically,     followed by their agency of record (THE DAILY): 
S. APPLEBY Reebok Brdgstone Reebok Brdgstone Brdgstone
M. CALCAVECCHIA Reebok Kemper Reebok Ping Brdgstone
D. CLARKE Conte of Florence MacGregor Footjoy MacGregor Titleist
J. COOK Ashworth Kemper Footjoy Mizuno Titleist
Players Group
F. COUPLES Ashworth Lynx Ashworth Lynx Maxfli
Players Group
J. DALY Acona Callaway Footjoy Callaway ^
G. DAY Tegra Tegra Nike N/A Brdgstone
Int'l Golf
D. DUVAL Hilfiger Titleist Footjoy Titleist Titleist
B. ELDER Ashworth Mizuno ^ Mizuno ^
Players Group
S. ELKINGTON ^ Buick Footjoy Titleist Titleist
E. ELS adidas TaylorMade Footjoy TaylorMade Titleist
Legends Inc.
B. ESTES B. Jones ^ Footjoy Cleveland Titleist
B. FAXON D. Jewell Titleist Footjoy Titleist Titleist
N. FALDO Pringle Adams Florsheim Adams Brdgstone
J. Simpson
H. FRAZAR E McGrath Cleveland Footjoy Cleveland Titleist
J. FURYK Callaway Callaway Nike Callaway Top-Flite
S. HOCH Tabasco Brand Yonex Footjoy Yonex Titleist
J. HUSTON Maxfli Wilson Nike Wilson Maxfli
S. JONES Columbia K. Cobra Footjoy K. Cobra Titleist
Walter Crutchfield - Jonesport
T. KITE Hogan Hogan Footjoy Hogan Titleist
Pros Inc.
B. LANGER Boss Ping adidas Ping Titleist
T. LEHMAN Dockers Dockers Footjoy TaylorMade Titleist
Signature Sports Group
J. LEONARD Polo Hogan Footjoy Hogan Titleist
Pros Inc.
D. LOVE III Polo Titleist Footjoy Titleist Titleist
Pros Inc.
J. MAGGERT CrossCreek Ping Footjoy Ping Titleist
C. MARTIN Nike Nike Nike Ping Spalding
Signature Sports Group
P. MICKELSON Boss Yonex Footjoy Yonex Titleist
C. MONTGOMERIE LaCoste Callaway Footjoy Callaway Titleist
F. NOBILO Reebok ^ Reebok Cleveland Titleist
M. O'MEARA Descente Toyota Etonic TaylorMade Top-Flite
J. PARNEVIK Lindeberg SAP Amer. Footjoy Callaway Titleist
N. PRICE Nike Nike Nike Goldwin Brdgstone
N. Price Group
V. SINGH Guess Wilson Footjoy Wilson Titleist
C. STADLER ^ Top-Flite ^ Spalding Top-Flite
Players Group
S. VERPLANK Ashworth Golfsmith Footjoy Golfsmith Titleist
T. WATSON Polo RAM Polo RAM Titleist
Assured Management
T. WOODS Nike Nike Nike Titleist Titleist
L. WESTWOOD Lyle & Scott Ping Footjoy Ping Titleist


NOTES: ^ = player does not have an endorsement deal in place in that category. Craig Stadler wears the Ganter USA logo on his shirt, but is not affiliated with a clothing company....Bob Estes is currently playing Cleveland irons, but has no deal in place for irons or woods (THE DAILY). ...Tom Watson's club contract with RAM expired. SI's "Golf Plus" reported that Watson is currently "shopping for a new deal, with RAM among his suitors" (SI, 6/15 issue).

          The USGA "eased fears" yesterday by announcing that
     "virtually all" clubs now in use or on the market should
     conform to a proposed new testing procedure that will
     measure the "spring-like" effect in club heads, according to
     Leonard Shapiro of the WASHINGTON POST.  At a press
     conference at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, the USGA
     said that it will release to manufacturers over the next two
     weeks the specifics of its new procedures, based on the
     "rebound velocity" of a golf ball off a club face.  It will
     convene a meeting this fall to get further input from the
     industry on testing protocol, "then hold a final meeting of
     its Exec Committee to approve a specific set of standards." 
     USGA Exec Dir David Fay said that the organization "was not
     influenced by the possibility of litigation from [golf]
     manufacturers," but Shapiro adds that public opinion, "may
     have played a role" (WASHINGTON POST, 6/18).  In Dallas,
     Brad Townsend reports that instead of "attempting to scale
     back technology, the USGA in effect wants to cap it" (DALLAS
     MORNING NEWS, 6/18).  In Chicago, Len Ziehm reports that the
     USGA considered more radical legislation, including limiting
     golf ball technology, reducing the number of clubs allowed
     in a player's bag and limiting the length of the club shafts
     and size of clubheads, "but instead attacked a poorly worded
     line in the Rules of Golf.  The rule states that 'the
     material and construction of the club shall not have the
     effect at impact of a spring'" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 6/18).
          E-LYING LOW: Callaway Golf Chair Ely Callaway, a critic
     of any potential USGA ban, said yesterday's decision was "a
     welcome change in attitude from what we understood it to be
     in the middle of May.  They felt they had a charter to roll
     the game back equipment-wise and ban certain clubs.  That
     was not the impression we got today" (WASHINGTON POST,
     6/18).  Callaway stock climbed $1.25, or 6.7%, to close at
     $19.81 yesterday on the NYSE (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 6/18).
          BABY STEPS: In Atlanta, Glenn Sheeley said the USGA
     announced "a relatively conservative plan," although future
     standards "are expected to be tougher" (ATLANTA
     CONSTITUTION, 6/18).  In Akron, Micheal Weinreb calls the
     plan a "modest proposal. ... The question, however, is
     whether it will restrict future technology" (BEACON JOURNAL,
     6/18).  In N.Y., Luke Cyphers wrote that "doomsday seems to
     have been averted" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 6/18).  Also in N.Y.,
     Dave Anderson writes that "sanity, if not sympathy, has
     prevailed" (N.Y. TIMES, 6/18). CNN's Jim Huber called the
     move "much ado about very little" ("Sports Tonight," 6/17).