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Volume 24 No. 112
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          CBS Sports President SEAN MCMANUS married TRACY LYNNE
     TORRE on Saturday in Westport, CT (N.Y. TIMES, 5/24)....An
     ad for the MICHAEL JORDAN SENIOR FLIGHT SCHOOL appeared in
     the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.  Held in Las Vegas from
     September 3-6, the 35 and older camp costs $15,000 per
     person (THE DAILY)....The N.Y. POST's "Page Six" cited an
     "insider" yesterday who said that Yankees Owner GEORGE
     STEINBRENNER told SS DEREK JETER "a few weeks ago to cool it
     with MARIAH [CAREY], or else."  Steinbrenner spokesperson
     HOWARD RUBENSTEIN: "George never gets involved in the
     personal lives of his players" (N.Y. POST, 5/26).....In
     N.Y., Meier & Smith examined the financial situation of MIKE
     TYSON, who has filed suit against DON KING and his former
     managers.  Meier & Smith: "It is not clear whether Tyson's
     claims will ever go to trial. ... Tyson, despite all his
     problems, remains the sport's biggest draw.  The question
     that remains is who will share the bounty with him" (N.Y.
     TIMES, 5/24)....The COLUMBUS DISPATCH ran a three-part
     series on JACK NICKLAUS's business empire Sunday through
     Tuesday (COLUMBUS DISPATCH, 5/24-26)....In N.Y., Kirk
     Johnson examined the academic field of sports studies, and
     wrote, "Sport is now regarded by social scientists as a lens
     on human behavior, by economists as a growth industry and by
     feminists as a vehicle for examining and challenging sexual
     roles.  Perhaps most important, it is being embraced by
     growing numbers of students" (N.Y. TIMES, 5/23).