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Volume 24 No. 117
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          Five women's activewear makers "are working with the
     entertainment industry in an effort to put their products in
     the youth market," according to Rosemary Feitelberg of
     WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY.  Puma, Groove, adidas, Crunch and
     Rollerblade are "trying approaches" which include sponsoring
     concert tours, hosting a hair-cutting contest and courting
     costume designers.  As part of its plan to launch a women's
     apparel line in the U.S. next year, Puma is "working
     closely" with Arnon Milchan's Regency Enterprises.  Milchan
     founded Regency and is Puma's principal stockholder.  The
     company recently acquired worldwide TV rights to the Corel
     WTA Tour.  In addition, Regency "is considering" using Puma
     endorser Serena Williams for video, TV and film appearances,
     and in the recent Regency film "City of Angels," actress Meg
     Ryan sported Pumas (WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY, 5/21).  
          OTHER COMPANIES: Groove, a subdivision of CA-based
     Groove Track Productions, "is suiting up" Boyz II Men for
     their tour this summer, which will feature a stage and light
     show with images of the Groove logo.  adidas sponsored a
     hair-cutting contest at Harlem's Apollo Theater which had
     more than 500 participants, and finalists in the contest
     received $500 worth of adidas merchandise.  Rollerblade is
     planning to offer demos and giveaways during this summer's X
     Games in San Diego, where fans can test Rollerblade
     equipment.  The company plans to spend "more than" $100,000
     for its presence at the event (WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY, 5/21).