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Volume 24 No. 117

Events Attractions

          The Int'l Conference on Ethical Issues in Sport
     continues in Tampa, FL.  On Wednesday, a two-hour panel
     examined the state of sports representation, and agent Tom
     Reich said, "Corruption is widespread and is a growth
     industry in and of itself.  The horse is out of the barn. 
     What is out there now is difficult to live with on a day-to-
     day basis."  AR Sports Founder Ray Anderson said that while
     agents are to blame for many transgressions, "reciprocal
     greedy behavior by athletes and their families is also
     common."  Anderson: "We had a client whose mother wanted two
     cars, and also wanted her other son on the payroll." 
     Anderson said he "fired the client" (TAMPA TRIBUNE, 5/21). 
     A panel yesterday discussed the issue of publicly funded
     sports facilities.  Bucs GM Rich McKay: "In our case we have
     one tangible benefit that is irrefutable and that's the
     Super Bowl.  I don't think anybody, even the economists,
     would argue that the direct impact ... will well exceed $200
     million" (Walter Lee Dozier, TAMPA TRIBUNE, 5/22).