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Volume 24 No. 159
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          An "Inside Edition" undercover investigation "found
     serious food safety problems at [MLB] parks all across the
     country," according to Matt Meagher.  "IE" visited 15 MLB
     parks, and shot hidden-camera footage depicting apparent
     violations by food workers.  Meagher: "We were looking for
     so-called critical violations, shoddy food handling and
     service practices the [FDA] says can lead to food-born
     illness."  At Bank One Ballpark, Meagher found "hot dogs,
     burgers and chicken served at dangerously low temperatures." 
     Meagher: "But it wasn't only Phoenix.  At eight of the 15
     stadiums, half of the foods we tested were below the 140-
     degree (FDA approved temperature) safety limit."  Meagher
     said that food temperature "is just one problem," noting
     health inspection reports that found "rodents and
     cockroaches in Kansas City, flies in San Francisco, and
     rodent droppings" in the Astrodome.  While Fenway Park was
     one of the ballparks that received a "clean bill of health"
     earlier this year, that was when it was inspected three days
     before opening day with "no food, no fans."  "IE" found
     "dangerously low temperatures in nearly half the Fenway food
     we tested."  Meagher: "We tried to get some answers from
     Aramark, the company that runs Fenway Park's food
     concessions.  Instead, we got kicked out."  "IE" was also
     kicked out of the concession areas at Yankee Stadium. 
     Afterward, host Deborah Norville: "Concessionaires at Kansas
     City, Milwaukee and Phoenix all say that they periodically
     spot check their food, and that they are looking into our
     findings.  Health officials in Boston say that they plan
     follow-up inspections" ("Inside Edition," 5/20).