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Volume 24 No. 113
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          Univ. of TX golfer BRAD ELDER has announced his decision
     to turn pro, beginning his PGA Tour career by playing in the
     MasterCard Colonial this week.  Elder will be represented by
     O. LYNN ROACH, JR. of VA-based Players Group Inc. (PGI)....
     ALONZO MOURNING was a guest on NBC's "Tonight Show" last
     night.  NBC's Jay Leno: "Now you seem like a nice guy, we
     were talking backstage..."  Mourning: "You too.  You seem
     like a nice guy."  Leno: "And I get booed almost as much as
     you do."  Mourning, on Knicks coach JEFF VAN GUNDY grabbing
     his leg during his fight with LARRY JOHNSON during their
     playoff series: "I really didn't feel him.  Have you ever had
     a piece of gum on your shoe?" ("Tonight Show," 5/18)....ABC
     TV is expected to reveal nine new shows, including "BROTHER'S
     KEEPER," a comedy about a English professor whose brother
     plays for the 49ers, and "SPORTS NIGHT," a comedy built
     around an "ESPN-like sports newsroom" starring ROBERT
     GUILLAUME (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 5/19)....REGGIE THEUS is "out" as
     the coach on NBC's "Hang Time." Theus will be replaced by
     Clippers have won the right for the first pick in the NBA
     draft.  Talk about an incentive to stay in school" ("Tonight
     Show," 5/18)....THE FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL sponsored a
     luncheon in honor of REGGIE WHITE yesterday in Washington,
     DC, "saying no one else is standing up for his right to speak
     out against homosexuality."  White, from the luncheon: "I'm
     tired of the devil pushing us around.  God is trying to give
     people some guts to speak out on truth" (STAR TRIBUNE, 5/19).