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Volume 24 No. 154
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          The PGA Tour's latest spot in its "These Guys Are Good"
     campaign, featuring Tour player Phil Mickelson and Spurs C
     David Robinson, aired during last night's Game Two of the
     Lakers-Jazz Western Conference final.  The spot, created by
     TX-based GSD&M, has been running on TNT during its NBA
     Playoff coverage.  The ad opens with the Spurs coming out of
     a timeout trailing the Celtics by a point with 0.7 seconds
     on the clock.  As the Spurs huddle breaks, Mickelson and his
     caddy emerge with the team.  A TV announcer's voice over:
     "This is an impossible situation for the Spurs.  Absolutely
     no time left on the clock.  Is that Phil Mickelson?"  A
     second announcer: "It makes perfect sense to me, Tom, he's
     the king of the lob wedge.  This is his shot."  The spot
     then shows a referee dropping a golf ball on the baseline,
     and Mickelson addresses it.  Announcer voice-over: "A very
     tight lie, even for Phil."  Mickelson swings, taking a large
     divot, and chunks of the floor fly into the air.  The camera
     then follows the ball as it flies the length of the court. 
     Announcer: "It's up!  A long full-court pass!  Looks like an
     alley-oop for Robinson!"  Robinson runs the baseline, jumps,
     catches the golf ball, and dunks it before the buzzer. 
     Announcer: "What a perfect pass!"  Mickelson and Robinson
     then point at each other, acknowledging the play.  Robinson: 
     "Boy, these guys are good!"  The screen fades to the PGA
     Tour logo and the "These Guys Are Good" slogan (THE DAILY).