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Volume 24 No. 113
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          Packers QB BRETT FAVRE has retained WI-based attorney 
     GERALD BOYLE to "weigh possible litigation" against MN-based
     radio station KQRS, which pulled a "radio prank" on him last
     December (ST. PAUL PIONEER PLANET, 5/15)....In Chicago, Fred
     Mitchell reports that "plans are in the works for a book and
     a movie" about the life of HARRY CARAY (CHICAGO TRIBUNE,
     5/15)....THE BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME holds its annual Awards
     Day tomorrow in Springfield, MA (Hall of Fame)....Red Sox 3B
     TIM NAEHRING pitched a plan to Acting MA Gov. PAUL CELLUCCI
     to build a miniature Fenway Park on state land in Quincy,
     MA.  The nonprofit, 2,500-seat ballpark would be used by
     Little Leaguers and softball teams.  Naehring's personal
     charitable foundation is seeking about $2M in corporate
     donations to finance construction of the replica (BOSTON
     the Yankees Owner gave his testimony against the "New York
     Four" in last night's "Seinfeld" finale: "How could you give
     12 million dollars to HIDEKI IRABU?!" (NBC, 5/14)....TARA
     LIPINSKI was on "Late Show" last night.  DAVID LETTERMAN, on
     Lipinski turning pro: "[Y]ou're making huge money.  Big
     dough, am I right?"  Lipinski: "I guess.  You know when
     you're skating you don't think about the money, you just go
     out, and the first place you went out there was to have
     fun."  Letterman: "I want to tell you something.  When I'm
     skating, all I think about is money" ("Late Show," 5/14).