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Volume 24 No. 156
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          The new Reebok ad campaign "looks like something out of
     Cecil B. DeMille," according to Chris Reidy of the BOSTON
     GLOBE.  Partly filmed at an abandoned Soviet army base in
     Prague, Reebok's "epic ads have an epic job to do."  The new
     ad opens with a marathon run by clones, before one
     individual breaks lose from the pack "to reveal a free
     spirit."  The spot closes as "a Reebok-shod foot crushes a
     mask" of one of the clones.  The TV ads will break Monday,
     May 25, during the NBA playoffs, and will later run in about
     one-third of U.S. movie theaters (BOSTON GLOBE, 5/12). 
          GLOVES ARE OFF: Reidy reports that "at first glance,"
     the message of the ad seems similar to Nike's "I can" theme,
     but the imagery and mood are "very different."  Throughout
     the ads, the number 97005 constantly appears, and Reidy
     notes that 97005 is the zip code for Beaverton, OR, where
     Nike is based.  Reebok Dir of Global Advertising John
     Wardley: "We've really decided to take the gloves off with
     this one."  The tagline for the ads, from Berlin Cameron &
     Partners, NY, is still being "tweaked," with one top
     candidate being, "Creating possibilities.  One athlete at a
     time" (BOSTON GLOBE, 5/12).  USA TODAY's Melanie Wells calls
     the ads reminiscent of the film "Invasion of the Body
     Snatchers." Reebok VP/Marketing Brenda Goodell: "There are
     moments you wait for and this was one of them; the market is
     in disarray and there's a window of opportunity."  Reebok is
     "expected to spend about" $15M on "its first ad effort" from
     Berlin Cameron & Partners (Melanie Wells, USA TODAY, 5/12).