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Volume 24 No. 113

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

          LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: BRANDWEEK's Terry Lefton reports
     that both Peyton Manning and his father, Archie, were signed
     last week by adidas.  The company "will pump up" the
     family's Manning Passing Academy camps as part of the deal. 
     Lefton adds that adidas has also signed "a quartet" of Bucs
     players, the first NFL team it will provide with uniforms
     and sideline wear....Kordell Stewart has signed a two-year,
     "low six-figure" deal for Midway's "NFL Blitz" video game. 
     Stewart will appear in spots for Midway, part of a $5.5M
     marketing push behind the fall launch of Blitz....CA-based
     Management Plus is now representing Oscar de La Hoya for
     marketing deals (Terry Lefton, BRANDWEEK, 5/11 issue).
          NOTES: The Boston Lager billboard on the outfield wall
     of a little league facility in Newton, MA, which has been up
     for five years, "will now stay down for good."  The sign was
     removed from the field last week due to parental protest
     (ADWEEK, 5/11 issue)....MLBP announced that CO-based Zephyr
     Graf-X has joined the Minor League licensing program to
     produce fitted adjustable replica and non-replica caps for
     158 Minor League teams.  The deal runs from '98-2000 (MLBP).
     ....Columbia Sportswear opened its first retail store in
     Nagoya, Japan.  The 1,152-square-foot shop opened March 14
     (Columbia)....Hibbett Sporting Goods opened 15 new stores in
     the first quarter of '98 -- with initial stores in TX and IN
     -- bringing its total to 135 stores in 16 states (Hibbett). 

          The new Reebok ad campaign "looks like something out of
     Cecil B. DeMille," according to Chris Reidy of the BOSTON
     GLOBE.  Partly filmed at an abandoned Soviet army base in
     Prague, Reebok's "epic ads have an epic job to do."  The new
     ad opens with a marathon run by clones, before one
     individual breaks lose from the pack "to reveal a free
     spirit."  The spot closes as "a Reebok-shod foot crushes a
     mask" of one of the clones.  The TV ads will break Monday,
     May 25, during the NBA playoffs, and will later run in about
     one-third of U.S. movie theaters (BOSTON GLOBE, 5/12). 
          GLOVES ARE OFF: Reidy reports that "at first glance,"
     the message of the ad seems similar to Nike's "I can" theme,
     but the imagery and mood are "very different."  Throughout
     the ads, the number 97005 constantly appears, and Reidy
     notes that 97005 is the zip code for Beaverton, OR, where
     Nike is based.  Reebok Dir of Global Advertising John
     Wardley: "We've really decided to take the gloves off with
     this one."  The tagline for the ads, from Berlin Cameron &
     Partners, NY, is still being "tweaked," with one top
     candidate being, "Creating possibilities.  One athlete at a
     time" (BOSTON GLOBE, 5/12).  USA TODAY's Melanie Wells calls
     the ads reminiscent of the film "Invasion of the Body
     Snatchers." Reebok VP/Marketing Brenda Goodell: "There are
     moments you wait for and this was one of them; the market is
     in disarray and there's a window of opportunity."  Reebok is
     "expected to spend about" $15M on "its first ad effort" from
     Berlin Cameron & Partners (Melanie Wells, USA TODAY, 5/12).

          As the athletic shoe industry "is squeezed by a glut of
     product," some of its largest retailers "are fighting back
     with private labels," according to BRANDWEEK's Terry Lefton. 
     This year, FootAction will introduce a line of hiking, trail
     and outdoors shoes via a license from Land Rove; The Sports
     Authority will roll-out a similar line under license from
     Tyrolia; and Foot Locker and Champs will market a line of
     Champion-branded footwear for back-to-school. In addition,
     NY-based Muller Sports Group is developing branded footwear
     for JCPenney, one of which will use the company's rights to
     the U.S. Olympic Team marks.  Lefton reports that selling a
     private label allows shoe retailers to improve margins by a
     "minimum" of 10%, "a big attraction at a time when the
     athletic shoe business is suffering and both consumers and
     retailers are seeing too many me-too product in too many me-
     too stores."  Smith Barney analyst Faye Landes: "It will
     take a lot of marketing muscle if they really want to grow
     private label as a business, but most of them are investing
     a lot there anyway, so why not throw that money toward
     something where they can get better margins and build
     something they can keep?" (BRANDWEEK, 5/11 issue).
          NOT YOUR SAME OLD TIRE-D SHOE: In N.Y., James Sterngold
     examines Oakley's introduction in the sneaker market, "an
     unusual black and yellow woven shoe with a motorcycle racing
     tire for a sole."  Oakley will focus its shoe sale on 200 or
     so sporting goods stores which also carry its sunglasses and
     it will retail for $125.  Sterngold adds that the new shoe
     "is an attempt to do in the shoe market what Oakley's
     sunglasses did in that market: create a niche by using high
     technology and a high-technology look" (N.Y. TIMES, 5/12).

          Tosco Marketing Co. will tout its designation as
     NASCAR's Official Pit-Stop as it pushes an alliance of its
     Circle K and 76 brand with NASCAR via an ad campaign
     breaking next week, according to Cuneo & Halliday of AD AGE. 
     The campaign, from CA-based Dailey & Associates, will
     include spending in the $14M range.  Dailey Chair & Creative
     Dir Cliff Einstein said that Tosco is trying to use its
     NASCAR tie "much as Nike uses Michael Jordan for its
     endorsements."  Einstein: "The only athletes in the auto
     industry are the automobile racers" (AD AGE, 5/11 issue).
          COMING ATTRACTIONS: AD AGE's Jeff Jensen reports that
     more and more feature films are sponsoring sporting events,
     "arguably the most effective vehicle to reach young adult
     males -- the primary consumer of summer flicks."  Last
     month, MGM used track signage at CART's Toyota Grand Prix to
     promote "Species 2."  This summer, Dreamworks Pictures will
     team with Joe Gibbs' Interstate Batteries Racing to sponsor
     three different cars, each promoting the July release of
     "Small Soldiers."  And Walt Disney's Touchstone Pictures has
     linked with the '98 X Games, where "Armageddon" will become
     an associate sponsor (Jeff Jensen, AD AGE, 5/11).

          Nike Chair Phil Knight will address the National Press
     Club in Washington today and USA TODAY reports that he will
     "unveil a series of initiatives" aimed at improving the
     company's working conditions.  The steps would include
     expanding its independent monitoring system to include non-
     governmental organizations and adopting U.S. federal air
     quality standards worldwide (USA TODAY, 5/12).  Look for
     details of his remarks in tomorrow's issue of THE DAILY.