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Volume 24 No. 156


          The efforts to unite Washington and Baltimore in a bid
     for the 2012 Summer Olympics "has become bogged down by
     disputes over finances and future control" of the event,
     "threatening a cooperative campaign that most participants
     believe is the region's best chance to host the Games,"
     according to Scott Wilson of the WASHINGTON POST.  Members
     of the Greater Washington Exploratory Committee "are angry
     about plans by a group of prominent business leaders to
     charge $500,000 for membership in a regional board of
     directors that would supervise all aspects of the global
     event.  Washington committee members also want the proposed
     regional organization to pay off several hundred thousand
     dollars of debt they have amassed over the past year
     lobbying for the Games."  Washington's committee members
     will meet today with business leaders "hoping to remove all
     obstacles to a single 'capital region' bid."  Wilson adds
     that if negotiations fail, the two cities "would end up
     competing against each other" (WASHINGTON POST, 4/23).  
          NOTE: The IOC is restraining the way the 2000 Olympics
     in Sydney, Australia, can be covered on the Internet,
     according to a report in USA TODAY.  The use of live moving
     images will be banned to protect broadcasters who have paid
     for TV rights.  Olympic Internet sites received 600 million
     hits during the '98 Nagano Winter Games, up from 200 million
     during the '96 Atlanta Summer Games (USA TODAY, 4/23).