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Volume 24 No. 117

Leagues Governing Bodies

          Canada may ask the U.S. to stop providing tax breaks
     for NHL teams "because the incentives may violate the North
     American free-trade agreement between" the U.S., Canada and
     Mexico, according to a report in the Toronto GLOBE & MAIL. 
     The purpose of the '94 NAFTA agreement was to prevent any of
     the three countries from providing unfair trade incentives.
     The Canadian federal government has hired Toronto lawyer
     Dennis Mills to examine the issue.  Mills will present his
     findings to a nine-member government subcommittee in June. 
     Vivaldo Latoche, a spokesperson for Mills, said the Canadian
     government "is serious about this now.  The American
     government is giving its teams an unfair advantage."  An NHL
     official said that NAFTA had nothing to do with "team
     movement" out of Canada.  NHL VP/Legal Affairs Bill Daly:
     "With respect to where our franchises are located, and the
     subsidies they receive, there is absolutely no impact of
     NAFTA on the NHL" (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 4/23).

          NBA: NBA Commissioner David Stern said that the league
     and the NBPA plan to conduct weekly meetings aimed at
     negotiating a new CBA agreement.  Stern was "optimistic" an
     accord could be reached before the June 30 deadline.  Deputy
     Commissioner Russ Granik, who is leading the talks, was
     "less upbeat."  Granik: "Nobody negotiates a [CBA] agreement
     in a month.  We're having some meaningful discussions, but
     whether we're really making any progress, I don't know yet"
     (USA TODAY, 4/23)....In Charlotte, Bonnell & Laye report
     that six of the 16 NBA playoff teams, "including hotbeds
     Seattle and Phoenix," have yet to sell out their first round
     playoff home dates (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 4/23).
          NOTES: SI's Tim Crothers reports that some MLB owners
     "are renewing efforts to expand the June free-agent draft to
     include players from all over the world."  Crothers writes
     that Acting MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said that the
     "impetus" for MLB's movement toward a worldwide draft is the
     "fear that a few wealthy franchises can outbid the rest of
     the sport" for elite foreign prospects (SI, 4/27 issue)....
     ...Casey Martin and the PGA "have agreed on rules of the
     road" for when Martin uses a cart during competition. 
     Martin signed the 11-point stipulation April 17, and the PGA
     Tour "is expected to sign ... soon" (USA TODAY, 4/23).

          The NFL is talking to the AFL "about forming a
     marketing relationship that could eventually allow" NFL
     owners to buy AFL teams, according to Richard Sandomir of
     the N.Y. TIMES.  NFL VP/Communications Greg Aiello: "We've
     talked to them for a year about an association, in the
     spirit of what we have with the [CFL]."  Last year, the NFL
     made a 10-year, $3M loan to the CFL.  Sandomir reports that
     Saints Owner Tom Benson has applied for an AFL expansion
     franchise, while Patriots Owner Robert Kraft, Chiefs Owner
     Lamar Hunt and Seahawks Owner Paul Allen "have voiced
     interest in ties with the Arena league."  Sandomir adds that
     NFL owners will discuss their two AFL options -- either a
     "leaguewide Arena investment," or direct ownership -- at
     their meeting on May 19 in Miami (N.Y. TIMES, 4/23).

          THE DAILY continues its exclusive look at the agents     representing the NFL's third round draft picks in contract     negotiations.  Some players may have different     representatives for their marketing endeavors.  See THE     DAILY tomorrow for a full wrap-up of the first three rounds.
Chuck Wiley/DL Gene Burrough
Jon Ritchie/RB Steve Baker
Olin Kreutz/OL Mark Bartelstein/Bartelstein Sports
Leonard Little/DL David Ware, Joe Reed/Ware & Assoc.
Chris Conrad/OL Frank Bauer/Sun West Sports
Scott Frost/QB Craig Domann/Domann & Pittman
Robert Hicks/OL Eugene Parker/Parker & Associates
Skip Hicks/RB Howard Silber
Brian Alford/WR Not signed with an agent
E.G. Green/WR Gene Burrough
Jeremiah Trotter/LB Jimmy Sexton/Athletic Resource Mgmt.
Mitch Marrow/DL Jim Ulrich
Jammi German/WR Terris Harris/Mid-South Sports Mgmt.
Steve Foley/DL Todd Newman/Noah, Smith & Newman
Ahman Green/RB Leigh Steinberg/Steinberg & Moorad
Dainon Sidney/DB Jimmy Sexton/Athletic Resource Mgmt.
Mike Goff/OL Ken Kremer/IMG
Brad Jackson/LB James Sims/Sims Sports Management
Ramos McDonald/DB Jimmy Sexton/Athletic Resource Mgmt.
Chris Floyd/RB Andrew Brandt/Woolf Associates
Larry Shannon/WR David Caravantes/Worldwide E&S
Greg Spires/DL Marc Pollack, David Levine Pro-Star Sports Management
Jamie Duncan/LB Eugene Parker/Parker & Associates
Allen Rossum/DB Neil Schwartz/Neil Schwartz Associates
Jonathan Quinn/QB Rich Deluca/Integrated Sports Mgmt.
Kevin Williams/DB Mike Sullivan, Jeff Sperbeck
Rashaan Shehee/RB Ted Marchibroda Jr.
Chris Ruhman/OL Leonard Roth/Prof. Advisory Services
Jonathan Brown/DL Neil Schwartz/Neil Schwartz Associates
Brian Griese/QB Ralph Cindrich/Cindrich & Co.
Hines Ward/WR Eugene Parker/Parker & Associates

          The WNBA's Operating Committee has voted to add two
     expansion teams -- to be operated by the T'Wolves and the
     Magic -- to the WNBA for the '99 season, bringing the number
     of teams in the league to 12.  The new teams will be granted
     upon the condition that they each secure pledges for at
     least 5,000 season tickets prior to September 1 (WNBA). WNBA
     President Val Ackerman, on the two new franchises: "They've
     shown the right level of commitment.  They're both well-run
     organizations, and it hasn't been that long since they came
     into the NBA as expansion teams.  So in some respects, they
     both know the drill."  In Orlando, L.C. Johnson reports that
     the Magic is considering Illusion and Dazzle as possible
     nicknames.  The average ticket price for the team will be
     about $15, with the low price of $8 (ORLANDO SENTINEL,4/23). 
          SHE-WOLVES: T'Wolves Exec VP Roger Griffith is
     "expected to direct" that team's WNBA operations (John
     Millea, Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE, 4/23).  In St. Paul, Jim
     McCartney writes that "If the response to the WNBA's
     inaugural season is any indication, the WNBA should do just
     fine in the Twin Cities, despite an abundance" of pro and
     major college sports (ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, 4/23).