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Volume 24 No. 113

Collegiate Sports

          "In a sweeping reversal of a long-held policy, the NCAA
     has voted to allow Division I athletes to earn as much as
     $2,000 in outside cash during the school year," according to
     ESPN's Bob Stevens.  Stevens: "Universities and their
     boosters can even help the student-athletes find the jobs,
     can even employ them -- although not in the athletic
     department -- and cannot pay them more than the going rate"
     ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 4/22).  CNN's Casey Wian reported on
     the NCAA's new policy, which takes effect August 1.  NCAA
     Exec Dir Cedric Dempsey: "Those who are pursuing certain
     professional careers want an opportunity to have some
     internship experience.  I think that's part of it."  Wian:
     "But anytime big-time college sports and money meet, there
     are temptations to cheat. Given the recent history of money-
     related scandals in college athletics, insuring compliance
     with the new NCAA rule will be difficult, especially since
     athletic departments and boosters will be able to help
     student-athletes find jobs" ("Moneyline," CNN, 4/22).