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Volume 24 No. 117
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          Cablevision Chair Charles Dolan, a Cleveland native,
     "has met with NFL officials and intends to file an
     application to own" the expansion Browns with his brother,
     Lawrence Dolan, according to Grossi & Lubinger of the
     Cleveland PLAIN-DEALER.  NFL rules forbid corporate
     ownership or cross-ownership of teams in other pro leagues,
     unless the teams are in the same market, but the Dolans
     "intend to own the Browns as a family enterprise."  Charles
     Dolan: "There is no strategic reason for (Cablevision) to be
     involved with the Browns.  Our interest has nothing to do
     with Cablevision."  The Dolans are the fourth group to come
     forward as candidates to own the Browns.  Lawrence Dolan, a
     corporate lawyer who lives in suburban Cleveland, said the
     brothers "would not need partners," but they would not rule
     out "some strategic alliances that would be appropriate." 
     Charles Dolan, on a potential $500M expansion fee: "All of
     this is subject to reasonableness.  If it becomes
     unreasonable, obviously we can't do it" (PLAIN-DEALER, 4/9). 
     NEWSDAY's Feigenbaum & Sanger reported that the Dolans "are
     preparing to bid about" $350M (NEWSDAY, 4/10).  
          NO BID BY LERNER? In Akron, Terry Pluto wrote that he's
     heard that MBNA Chair Al Lerner "is reluctant to make a bid
     for the Browns.  His family does not want him to end up on
     the public stage where he would be subject to another round
     of criticism about his involvement with Art Modell's move to
     Baltimore" (AKRON BEACON JOURNAL, 4/12).