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          REGGIE WHITE "talked himself out of any chance he many
     have had of getting a job as a studio or game analyst" on
     CBS, according to Bob Wolfley of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL
     SENTINEL. Wolfley said that White, who "spoke against
     homosexuality and stereotyped various races and ethnic
     groups," has "damaged, if not destroyed, his potential to be
     hired at other networks, as well" (JOURNAL SENTINEL, 3/27). 
     CBS officials indicated that White "won't be considered for
     an NFL commentator's role." CBS Dir of Communications
     LESLIEANNE WADE: "CBS has a hard and fast policy against
     bias at all times. ... Anyone who violates the policy of the
     corporation cannot be an employee" (Rudy Martzke, USA TODAY,
     3/27).  NFL officials could not be reached for comment. 
     Packers Exec Dir of PR LEE REMMEL: "As an organization we
     have no comment on Reggie's appearance before the state
     legislature" (WASHINGTON POST, 3/27).
          WHITE ON DEFENSE: In Milwaukee, Borsuk & Kissinger
     report that White's "only regret ... was that some people,
     especially many in the media, were focusing only on"
     specific comments.  White: "I don't regret anything I said.
     ... I'm not going to back off what I know God has put on my
     heart to share" (JOURNAL SENTINEL, 3/27).  White appeared on
     the 6:30 ET edition of "SportsCenter" to discuss his
     comments.  White: "Everything I said, I said.  I'm not going
     to try to put anything in context."  White, on his comments
     about different races: "I don't see how in the world that
     [the comments] could have made or been presented as
     generalizations that criticized race.  Why would I want to
     criticize my own race? ... People are going to take offense
     to everything.  I stand by everything I said" (ESPN, 3/26). 
          REAX: A MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL editorial said, "In
     urging unity, White fanned disunity" (JOURNAL SENTINEL,
     3/27).  In DC, Jennifer Frey: "White sounded like a bigot,
     and he sounded like a hypocrite.  Mostly, though, he sounded
     like a fool. ... It would be hypocritical -- not to mention
     incredibly risky, in a public relations sense -- for CBS to
     hire White now" (WASHINGTON POST, 3/27).  In Hartford, Jeff
     Jacobs said White "is allowed his stereotypes," and "CBS is
     allowed to exercise its right not to hire him as a football
     analyst" (HARTFORD COURANT, 3/27).  Human Rights Campaign
     Strategist DAVID SMITH: "Clearly Mr. White showed a great
     deal of disrespect to a number of groups -- not only gay
     Americans, but including gay Americans.  These are certainly
     not remarks you would expect to hear from a role model"
     (WASHINGTON POST, 3/27).  The story was reported on ABC's
     "World News Tonight."  WI Legislature State Rep DAVID
     TRAVIS: "Even though he's a great American hero, he said
     some things that were inappropriate" (ABC, 3/26).