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          Fishing is a $108B-a-year industry "that marketers are
     turning into one of the hottest marketplaces" in the U.S.,
     according to USA TODAY's J. Taylor Buckley in a "Money"
     section cover story.  Mass marketers from GM to General
     Mills are now "solidly hooked," and companies from Northwest
     Airlines to Land O' Lakes "are writing checks of $250,000
     and more just to be identified" as fishing event sponsors. 
     The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that 35.2
     million recreational anglers spent $37.8B directly on
     fishing trips and gear in '96.  Making those numbers "light
     up even brighter are the sport's demographics."  Close to 11
     million of the 35.2 anglers are ages 15 and younger, and
     about three quarters of them male, "an especially attractive
     group for marketers."  Buckley calls General Mills' decision
     to put a pro fishing champ on a national Wheaties box "a
     breakthrough" that sends "a powerful message to mass
     marketers."  General Mills joins a list of "nontraditional"
     sponsors that includes Coca-Cola, Fuji film and Citgo. 
     Citgo even "shelved its usual regional promotion" tied to a
     PGA Tour event in Hartford, CT, this year in favor of one
     built around the Wal-Mart FLW bass tournament slated for
     June.  Teamed with other tournament sponsors, Citgo will be
     giving away a truck, soft drinks and merchandise coupons
     redeemable at Wal-Mart (J. Taylor Buckley, USA TODAY, 3/25).