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Volume 24 No. 155
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          Michael Jordan "wants to play union activist this
     summer," according to Lacy Banks of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES. 
     Owners and players are scheduled to begin negotiating on a
     new CBA next Wednesday, and Jordan said, "I'm always going
     to be a pro-union player."  Jordan: "I will speak out when I
     feel the players are being taken advantage of. ... I will be
     involved.  I will contribute" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 3/25).
          LABOR NOTES: Pacers President Donnie Walsh, on
     reopening the CBA: "Not only are we overpaying what we
     bargained for, but we're also distributing it in a way that
     isn't good for the players.  The top players are getting a
     bigger percentage and there are a lot of players at the
     bottom that are taking the minimum" (INDIANAPOLIS STAR-NEWS,
     3/25).  Sonics GM Wally Walker: "[T]here are some smart
     people working on both sides that will work towards getting
     something done that will work for everybody."  Kings Player
     Rep Olden Polynice called NBA Commissioner David Stern the
     key to preventing a work stoppage: "[A]s long as he's there,
     I don't think there will be one" (SACRAMENTO BEE, 3/24).
     ...NBPA Exec Dir Billy Hunter is profiled by Scott Soshnick
     of BLOOMBERG BUSINESS NEWS, who writes that "armed with
     renewed player trust, he will provide the NBA with an able
     negotiation adversary" (BLOOMBERG NEWS, 3/25).