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Volume 24 No. 117

Sports Industrialists

          FAME'S DAVID FALK is interviewed in the WASHINGTON POST
     and discusses a number of subjects, saying that in the last
     four months MICHAEL JORDAN has turned down $300M worth of
     new deals.  Falk: "Basketball -- and a little bit because of
     Michael's influence -- has become like a hybrid sport.  It's
     really not a team sport anymore. ... [I]t's become a
     scenario where the star player or two on a team have
     transcended the boundaries of what it used to be."  Falk
     also talks of his relationship with Wizards Owner ABE
     POLLIN: "I would like to represent the whole team because
     it's where I live.  And amazingly, he doesn't either agree
     or visualize that we should be partners in bringing great
     basketball to Washington.  ... (The relationship) is really
     very, very frustrating" (WASHINGTON POST, 3/23).  
          READY ORR NOT? A CANADIAN PRESS report states that the
     signing of hockey adolescents, the "latest trend in the
     world of recruiting has sparked a fierce debate in the
     hockey world.  The question is: when does a player need
     representation?  How young is too young?"  The report
     profiles agent BOBBY ORR whose Woolf Associates "is one of
     the most aggressive" in signing teen talent."  Maple Leafs
     President KEN DRYDEN: "I don't think it is any good for the
     kids because I think what happens is you start to imagine
     you are farther ahead than you are" (CP/EDM. JOURNAL, 3/23).

          CASEY MARTIN was profiled on NBC's "Dateline," and
     Stone Phillips said Martin "knows the world is watching, and
     not just the golf world.  As he chases his dream .... he's
     come to understand that he's not just out there for himself
     -- he's out there for others with hopes and dreams just like
     his."  Martin, "I'd like to be a role model.  I'd like to do
     a good job, and give kids that maybe are struggling, give
     them some hope and say, 'Hey, it's possible' for them. 
     That's the PGA Tour's motto -- anything's possible.  I'd
     like to carry that banner" ("Dateline," NBC, 3/22).

          ABL Rage GM CATHY ANDRUZZI will be leaving the team to
     pursue other opportunities (ABL)....N.Y.-based WorldLink
     East, a direct response TV sales company, named SUE
     ABRUZZESE-THORMAN Dir of Business Development, GINNY MALLEY
     Account Executives.  Abruzzese-Thorman was former VP/Program
     Sales at Fox Sports Net (WorldLink East)....NFL Oilers Media
     Relations Dir DAVE PEARSON resigned to become Dir of PR for
     the Seahawks (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 3/21). 

          In Detroit, Jo-Ann Barnas writes that "Edge of Glory,"
     a new book by CHRISTINE BRENNAN that takes a behind-the-
     scenes look at figure skaters in the year leading up to the
     '98 Winter Games, "reveals some unflattering moments" of
     TARA LIPINSKI's Olympic quest "and portrays her camp in
     constant disarray."  Lipinski's agent MIKE BURG: "I have no
     comment on the book.  I wouldn't justify a gossip book on
     skating, which is what it is."  In other news, the Lipinskis
     have hired PAT KINGSLEY to be Tara's press agent.  L.A.-
     based Kingsley handles publicity for SHARON STONE, MERYL
     Golden Raspberry Foundation voted DENNIS RODMAN worst
     supporting actor, worst screen couple (with JEAN-CLAUDE VAN
     DAMME) and worst new star for his role in "Double Team"
     (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, 3/23)....JUSTIN LEONARD was featured in
     the sub-head, "At 25, Justin Leonard is poised to win and
     helping to change golf's reputation as the world's worst-
     dressed sport" (N.Y. TIMES MAGAZINE, 3/22).