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Volume 24 No. 134
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          WTA Tour CEO Bart McGuire said yesterday that while the
     ATP Tour has proposed joint men's and women's tennis events
     which pool sponsorship and TV revenue, his "priority" is to
     obtain a new long-term title sponsorship deal and a new TV
     deal for the women's tour.   Speaking with the media at the
     Lipton Championships, McGuire said he has "philosophic
     concerns, economic concerns, and some very practical
     concerns about the joint venture concept."  McGuire: "I
     really doubt that the WTA Tour and the ATP Tour can agree on
     prize money, revenue sharing, television exposure, to say
     nothing of issues like practice and locker room facilities." 
     McGuire said he had not "quite shut the door on the joint
     venture concept," but added that it is "not likely to happen
     in the near future."  McGuire will "consider the creation of
     new combined events on an individual basis" (WTA Tour).  In
     Sunday's N.Y. TIMES, ATP Tour CEO Mark Miles said he was
     "enormously frustrated" by the WTA Tour's perception that
     any merger would undermine its position as the No. 1 women's
     sport in the world.  Miles: "I'm absolutely convinced that
     nothing they can do on their own would generate as much
     revenue as they would receive if they did collaborate with
     us, and I also don't think the combined tour would impair
     the ATP Tour's identity or that of the women."  The TIMES'
     Robin Finn: "Is tennis at a gender crossroads just in time
     for the millennium?  It looks that way" (N.Y. TIMES, 3/22).
     Pope wrote on the crowds at the Lipton and called it the
     "biggest sports-spectator event in South Florida history." 
     He added that "male professionals are trying to get back up
     to speed with the females since Martina Hingis, Venus and
     Serena Williams and Anna Kournikova ... arrived.  Women are
     coming on stronger than ever while the men's game is headed
     for a crowd-appeal crisis" (MIAMI HERALD, 3/22).
          OTHER WTA NEWS: McGuire said the Tour's Board of
     Directors ratified the settlement to the players' dispute
     announced in February. The Board also voted to add three
     "independent, senior business executives, with no financial
     interest in tennis," and agreed to eliminate the requirement
     that matters be unanimously agreed upon."  Finally, the Tour
     will also open a European office in London to be headed by
     its Dir of European Operations Georgina Clark (WTA Tour).