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Volume 24 No. 156

Sports Industrialists

          Cola-Cola confirmed that its Chief Marketing Officer
     SERGIO ZYMAN will resign and that CHARLES FRENETTE will
     succeed him in the position effective May 1 (ATLANTA
     CONSTITUTION, 3/20)....The USTA hired JULIE CHEN for the new
     position of Assistant General Counsel.  Chen comes to the
     USTA From NY-based firm McDermott, Will & Emery, where she
     served as a litigation partner since January '97
     (USTA)....Nike Tour Media Official BOB HYDE is leaving the
     Tour following this month's Nike Monterrey Open, to become
     VP/Communications for the NFL Oilers (GOLFWEEK, 3/14 issue).

          RICK HORROW, Facility Development & Strategic Planning
     Consultant to NFL Commissioner PAUL TAGLIABUE is featured in
     USA TODAY's "Sports People" under the header, "Horrow: NFL's
     Stadium King" (USA TODAY, 3/20)....Sources told the N.Y.
     POST that MARIAH CAREY is engaged to DEREK JETER.  But both
     Jeter and Carey deny they are "altar-bound" (N.Y. POST,
     3/20)....ROBERT REDFORD is negotiating with Dream Works to
     star in and direct "The Legend of Bagger Vance," about a
     "mythical" golf match in 1931.  In other Hollywood news,
     KEVIN COSTNER is in "final talks" to star in the baseball
     movie "For the Love of the Game" (DAILY VARIETY, 3/20).

          GREG NORMAN is profiled by Joe Bargmann in ESQUIRE
     under the header "Sixteen True Tales About Greg Norman." 
     Norman, on TIGER WOODS' impact on golf: "I was probably very
     similar to him in a lot of ways when I was twenty-one.  But
     you don't know what's gonna happen in the next twenty years. 
     And I really don't see a threat from him.  Just in the same
     way JACK NICKLAUS didn't see any threat from Greg Norman. 
     Different times, different audience.  That's the beauty of
     golf -- fifty million people are into it; there's a lot of
     audience to go around" (ESQUIRE, 4/98 issue).
          HE'S NOT A GOLFER, HE'S A LIFESTYLE: Bargmann calls
     Reebok CEO PAUL FIREMAN's move to sign Norman to a lifetime
     endorsement deal -- but not put the Reebok logo on his line
     of clothing -- "an unprecedented deal that looked nothing
     like the traditional athlete-sponsor setup, giving Norman
     not only his own label but greater independence."  Fireman:
     "I didn't want it to be about things that look promotional. 
     It's got to be about quality -- about building a brand under
     Greg Norman, not just selling goods under Greg Norman."  The
     goal is for Norman's collection "to transcend golf, to move
     beyond being a player, to become an icon, a symbol of
     success or, at the very least, sincere aspiration."  The
     model is Rene Lacoste's "Le Crocodile."  Bargmann: "Does it
     matter that no one who wears an alligator shirt today
     actually remembers Lacoste?  Norman doesn't think so." 
     Norman's Great White Shark Enterprises, "has exploded" to
     include a resort development, course design, turf farms,
     golf events (the Shark Shootout), a licensing arm, and
     Norman's endorsement deals with companies such as Cobra,
     Chevrolet (he will drive the pace car at May's Indy 500),
     Boeing and Bell Helicopter.  BART COLLINS, Norman's manager:
     "It's no longer about what deals we do for Greg.  It's a
     matter of what businesses we put him in.  It's all about
     building brand equity in our own product" (ESQUIRE, 4/98).