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Volume 24 No. 117
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          The Red Sox have "killed" GM Dan Duquette's new TV show
     on WBZ, "Boston Red Sox with Dan Duquette," which was
     supposed to begin airing in April on Sundays with WBZ sports
     anchor Bob Lobel as host, according to Joan Vennochi of the
     BOSTON GLOBE.  Duquette's publicist John Flynn had
     negotiated a three-year deal with WBZ that would have paid
     Duquette "a six-figure salary," but on Friday, Sox Exec VP
     John Buckley told WBZ GM Ed Goldman the deal was off. 
     Vennochi calls this "an intriguing turn of events," as the
     Sox "continue to display an odd resistance to even the most
     overtly friendly media contact."  Buckley could not be
     reached for comment, but Flynn and Goldman said he told them
     that the team was "concerned" about its contractual
     arrangement with Sox broadcast carrier WABU.  Flynn said
     Duquette was "very upset" and described the breakdown of
     talks with WBZ as a "control issue" with the team.  Flynn:
     "They get very paranoid.  It's ridiculous.  Their marketing
     and sales mentality is from somewhere in the 1940s."  Flynn
     said the team wants to pitch a Duquette show to WABU, but
     Duquette "doesn't want to do a show" on WABU.  Fallout from
     the nixed show "reveals a larger problem: a potential rift
     between Duquette ... and the top Sox brass, in the last
     season of Duquette's contract" (BOSTON GLOBE, 3/18).