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Volume 24 No. 159
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          A dispute concerning MICHAEL JORDAN's Chicago
     restaurant ventures was examined by CNBC's Scott Cohn.  In
     '93, Jordan and partners JOSEPH and GENE SILVERBERG opened
     Michael Jordan's Restaurant, which reportedly grossed $15M
     last year from food and merchandise sales.  But now, Jordan
     and the Silverbergs "have apparently had a falling out." 
     Jordan "can't walk away from the original deal even if he
     wants to; it's for life."  So Jordan is investing in a new
     restaurant near the United Center with partner DAVID
     ZADIKOFF, the CEO of Jordan's original eatery.  The
     Silverbergs sued Zadikoff, "claiming the new restaurant
     violates their deal with Jordan."  But a federal judge has
     ruled Jordan "can own another restaurant in Chicago, as long
     as it doesn't carry his name."  Furthermore, Jordan "won the
     right" to keep the Silverbergs from opening Jordan
     restaurants.  Cohn: "That leaves the Silverbergs with the
     rights to Michael Jordan's name on one restaurant in
     Chicago, but nowhere does it say that Michael Jordan has to
     show up here.  And a Michael Jordan's restaurant without
     Michael Jordan, say experts, isn't much."  Burns Sports
     Celebrity Service's Bob Williams: "If Michael Jordan is
     hanging out at a particular restaurant, you're gonna see a
     lot of celebrities, let alone fans, flock to that
     restaurant."  Jordan's new restaurant opens next week under
     the name 160 Blue.  None of the attorneys involved would
     comment ("The Edge," CNBC, 3/10).