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Volume 24 No. 113
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          The "latest meeting" between the NBA and the NBPA was
     held Tuesday between NBA Commissioner David Stern and NBPA
     Exec Dir Billy Hunter, according to ESPN's David Aldridge. 
     Aldridge: "No breakthrough was achieved nor should have been
     expected, but the league did tell the union that it would be
     willing to open its books, something the NBA has been loathe
     to do in years past, to prove to the union that teams'
     profit margins have dropped dramatically or disappeared
     altogether over the past two years" ("SportsCenter," 2/26).
          NBA NOTES: THE SPORTING NEWS' cover story examines the
     events around the NBA's trading deadline under the header,
     "What's The Deal? Inside A Week Of Trades, Tantrums And
     Turmoil."  David Moore writes, "A league under siege took a
     few more hits this past week."  Noting players' moves to
     influence where and when they are traded, Moore asks, "Have
     the owners handed control of the sport over to their
     employees, setting the state for labor Armageddon to unfold
     in five short months?  The answer is unknown.  What is known
     is that every time commissioner David Stern turns around, he
     bumps into another problem that rips at the fabric of the
     sport's success" (TSN, 3/2 issue).  In Chicago, Lacy Banks
     writes that while Michael Jordan is the "league's most
     pervasive positive" it is "unfair for Jerry Reinsdorf and
     his partners to be saddled with paying Jordan by themselves
     when he is making so much money for everybody."  Banks:
     "Jordan is spreading the wealth around the league unlike any
     other player ever has done.  It would only be right if the
     league would spread around the responsibility of helping the
     Bulls pay his salary" (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 2/27).