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Volume 24 No. 112
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          NOTES: BUSINESS WEEK reports that spending on sports
     sponsorship is projected to reach over $4.5B in '98
     (BUSINESS WEEK, 3/2)....Ryan Leaf signed NJ-based ISI to
     become his exclusive marketing rep.  ISI Exec VP Steve
     Rosner: "From matching Ryan with the top companies to
     fulfilling some of his civic and charitable goals, our
     objective is to build relationships that will continue long
     after his playing days are over" (ISI)....Former Giants WR
     Phil McConkey signed with MGP Crisis Sports PR, a division
     of NY-based MGP & Associates, for PR counseling (MGP).
          MORE NEWS: FORBES' Daniel Roth "sizes up" the shoe/
     sunglasses dispute between Nike's Phil Knight and Oakley's
     Jim Jannard.  Roth: "Nike had defined the sports shoe market
     and has bloodied its big competitors.  Ego aside, Jannard
     might be better off hunting elsewhere" (FORBES, 3/9 issue).
     ...TIME's "Tech Watch" features Reebok's new, $100 Lightning
     sneaker, calling it "one smart shoe."  The DMX-enhanced
     sneaker adapts to pressure by distributing it through six
     chambers, creating "extra cushioning" (TIME, 3/2 issue).
     ...Nike will feature a 16-page insert -- "Life Above the
     Ankles/Evolution of Skin" -- in the March and April issues
     of GQ, Details, SI, ESPN, Rolling Stone, Vibe and Men's
     Journal, while its 12-page insert will appear in Glamour,
     Conde Nast Sports For Women and Sharpe (THE DAILY).