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Volume 24 No. 159
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          NHL: In Edmonton, local investors' pitch for C$14.2M
     from the city council in exchange for 22% of the Oilers was
     rejected by Alberta Premier Ralph Klein and the municipal
     affairs minister "as against the rules."  In addition, a top
     NHL official said that the league "won't like" such a move
     (EDMONTON SUN, 2/24)....The Sabres are looking into charging
     current ticket prices "for a top draw -- and discount
     tickets for lesser attractions" (THE SPORTING NEWS, 2/23
     issue)....In Ottawa, an estimated 600 fans attended the
     Senators' open practice Saturday (OTTAWA SUN, 2/22)....In
     Calgary, more than 500 fans attended Skate with the Flames
     Saturday, and proceeds from the skate and a C$100-a-plate
     brunch totalled about C$15,000 (CALGARY SUN, 2/22).
          NOTES: The U.S. national soccer team unveiled its new
     World Cup uniforms Friday, and for the first time since the
     early '50s, the U.S. will wear red jerseys on a regular
     basis (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 2/21)....In MN, a bill
     authorizing a $100M state loan to buy the Twins was approved
     Monday by a House Government Operations subcommittee.  The
     bill faces "one or two" more committee votes before it would
     get to the House floor (ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, 2/24). 
     Meanwhile, former West Publishing exec Vance Opperman said
     that he thinks Twins Owner Carl Pohlad might end his
     negotiations with NC businessman Don Beaver "as soon as the
     March 31 deadline passes."  Opperman: "I think it is a
     distinct possibility that that falls apart" (PIONEER PRESS,
     2/23)....In Chicago, Bulls Dir of Marketing Steve Schanwald,
     on the demand for season tickets: "We have 25,000 names on
     our season-ticket waiting list. ... We have 550,000 names in
     a database that we have collected over the years of people
     we have identified as potential Bulls ticket purchasers. ...
     Once a season ticket-holder gives up the tickets, they are
     not likely to ever get them back" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 2/23).