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Volume 24 No. 112
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          N.Y. investment banker Michael Largue says that he and
     an unnamed Swiss banker have up to $100M to spend on an NHL
     team "and are eager to take control of the local effort to
     buy the Oilers," according to Bart Johnson of the EDMONTON
     SUN.  Although Largue has not formally submitted any bid, he
     said that he and his partner would want control of the team,
     with input from the local owners (EDMONTON SUN, 2/19).
          NO PROVINCIAL HELP: Alberta Premier Ralph Klein said
     that there are "no provincial moves to help out" the NHL
     Oilers, but a new city-appointed community lottery board
     "may be able to" direct some of its money to try to keep the
     team in town.  Meanwhile, Edmonton Mayor Bill Smith said
     that local businessman Al Owen's contribution has pushed the
     local bid to C$45M, leaving the group C$7M shy of the NHL's
     requirement of having 50% of the Oilers' price tag "in hand
     before financing the rest" (EDMONTON SUN, 2/19)....Almost
     C$18,000 has been donated from 34 people and businesses to
     the Edmonton Oilers Forever Fund (EDMONTON JOURNAL, 2/19).