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Volume 24 No. 112
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          MARTIN CASE: PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem and
     Casey Martin's attorney William Wiswall have contributed
     opinion pieces to ESPN's SportsZone regarding Martin's case,
     which goes to trial Monday.  Finchem: "The PGA Tour strongly
     supports the spirit of the [ADA] ... [b]ut we also have an
     obligation to our members and the sport to provide
     tournament conditions that are equitable for all golfers."  
     Wiswall: "The PGA Tour has missed a golden opportunity to
     embrace a highly talented golfer.  It should accommodate
     Casey Martin" (ESPN SportsZone, 1/30)....In the Bergen
     RECORD, Adrian Wojnarowski criticized Tiger Woods for not
     supporting Martin's quest and wrote that Nike's "most famous
     golfing pitchman is nowhere to be found."  Last year, Woods'
     "mandate" was to make golf "the game of all the people. ...
     Sadly, Woods has learned his Madison Avenue lessons well,
     the ones Michael Jordan has perfected: Courageous stands
     don't push product."  Wojnarowski: "So far, [Woods] seems
     perfectly content to win majors, collect his endorsements,
     and never miss a Planet Hollywood bash" (RECORD, 1/29).
          NHL: Blues F Brett Hull, who lashed out against the
     league Wednesday, saying the quality of play "sucks," spoke
     with Commissioner Gary Bettman yesterday, according to Tom
     Wheatley of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH.  Hull: "[Bettman]
     said 'We see everything you do on the ice.  We're addressing
     it.  But we don't need you to say the game sucks.' And he's
     right" (POST-DISPATCH, 1/30).  In Calgary, Jim Kernaghan
     writes that the NHL "will be whatever marketing dictates ...
     [t]his isn't about sports you know, it's about what Bettman
     likes to call 'growing the league' and establishing a
     greater NHL 'footprint'" (FREE PRESS/CALGARY SUN, 1/30).