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          U.S. Sen Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Bob Dole joined Casey
     Martin on Capitol Hill yesterday, and the legislators, who
     were both sponsors of the '90 Americans With Disabilities
     Act (ADA), said that they "support" Martin's request to use
     a cart at PGA and Nike Tour events and that it "fits the
     intent" of their bill, according to Athelia Knight of the
     WASHINGTON POST.  Harkin said that rules which create
     barriers for people with disabilities "must be changed," and
     Dole added that he was "pleased" with this week's ruling by
     an OR Federal Magistrate that the PGA Tour is a public
     organization and not exempt under the ADA.  Dole: "The PGA
     does not mean Please Go Away. [Martin]'s here to stay." 
     Martin called the support of the two "overwhelming," saying
     that in the golf community, he is "probably not being
     received with open arms right now.  But, it's nice to know
     that I have friends in higher places" (WASH. POST, 1/29).
          HOP ABOARD, IT'S FILLING FAST: The Martin "bandwagon is
     picking up speed," according to USA TODAY's Harry Blauvelt.
     Greg Norman called Martin in support yesterday.  Norman told
     Martin that he wouldn't be deposed by the PGA "because he
     doesn't agree with them."  Court TV has "petitioned" U.S.
     Magistrate Thomas Coffin for "permission to show" Martin's
     trial, set to begin Monday, and both the CA legislature and
     the San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently passed
     resolutions "in support of" Martin (USA TODAY, 1/29).