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Volume 24 No. 159
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          Blues F Brett Hull, who "used to be a walking
     advertisement for hockey," last night "turned into the NHL's
     worst nightmare, slagging the league and the people who run
     it," according to Dave Fuller of the TORONTO SUN.  Hull, who
     has missed 13 games with a hand injury and is scheduled to
     rejoin the Blues tonight, said that he "avoided watching"
     his team's games during his absence.  Hull: "The games suck. 
     I wouldn't pay to watch them.  It's boring.  The whole style
     of the game is terrible.  There's no flow to the game at
     all."  Hull claimed that the "smaller, skilled players" are
     getting "squeezed out of the league," adding that expansion
     has "diluted the product, and now we're going to expand
     again."  Hull: "It's up to the fans to do something about
     it.  The players should stand up and be heard, too.  But the
     players don't say crap" (Dave Fuller, TORONTO SUN, 1/29).
          WHAT ABOUT FOX? In an examination of the "tenuous"
     future of the Oilers, team GM Glen Sather tells Ed Willes of
     the N.Y. TIMES that he sees "the wave of the future" for the
     league as TV and "mass-marketing."  Sather: "We need a
     national TV contract so we can compete for players with
     Philadelphia and New York.  That's why Nagano is so
     important. ... There's going to be a lot of attention on the
     game.  NBC just got out of the football business.  Maybe
     they'll get into hockey" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/29).