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Volume 24 No. 154
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          The "back and forth maneuvering" in the 49ers ownership
     dispute "is mostly about money," according to Matier & Ross
     of the S.F. CHRONICLE, who report, "Particularly at issue is
     the soaring cost of the stadium-mall project, which some
     insiders now put at $600 million to $700 million."  But
     "it's also a fight over who will control the deal," the
     49ers or co-Owner Eddie DeBartolo's DeBartolo Entertainment. 
     In addition, Matier & Ross report that "there have already
     been talks" between the 49ers and S.F. Mayor Willie Brown
     "about having the city or the state come up with more money"
     for the project.  Brown "still stands firm" on capping the
     city's contribution at $100M, which was approved by voters
     last June.  Denise DeBartolo York's statement on Tuesday
     that her board of directors has decided to slow down the
     stadium deal "until they got a better handle on the costs
     ... clearly caught team president Carmen Policy off guard." 
     On local radio yesterday, Policy was "trying to put the best
     face forward on what clearly was a public relations
     nightmare."  Policy said it wasn't his "recollection" that
     the board voted to hold up the facility, but that it needed
     some "very, very serious and in-depth attention to some of
     the numbers before we took the next step in terms of
     securing interim financing."  In light of the media "crush,"
     Policy issued a press release in jest saying he was going to
     Tierra del Fuego and the South Pole on a three-week
     expedition study (S.F. CHRONICLE, 1/29). 
          REAX: A S.F. CHRONICLE editorial states that even if
     the DeBartolos "are getting cold feet" on building the
     stadium/mall complex, "they should live up to the deal they
     made with San Francisco taxpayers last year" (CHRONICLE,
     1/29).  In San Jose, Ann Killion: "The feeling last spring
     that the stadium was a hurry-up, not-quite-thought-out deal
     seems to have been correct.  DeBartolo has moved a little
     too fast in too many places, and now it seems, he's run
     himself right into a wall" (MERCURY NEWS, 1/29).