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Volume 24 No. 159

Events Attractions

          Nassau County, NY, officials "have yet to sign a
     contract" with Goodwill Games Inc., "which will run the 15-
     day event officials say will pump $280 million into the
     local economy," according to Monte Young of NEWSDAY.  The
     event is "less than five months away" and the county has
     already spent "millions to build a state-of-the-art aquatic
     center and a posh track-and-field stadium."  While Nassau
     County Exec Thomas Gulotta's staff said they "are not
     concerned about reaching an agreement," officials
     acknowledged that some "sticking points" remain to be
     finalized, "such as the division of costs, revenue sharing,
     merchandising, sponsorship and seating arrangement at
     Mitchell Field Complex, where the track and field events
     will be held."  The "concerns" about seating at the track
     center on the county having to change the permanent seating
     from 12,000 fixed seats to 6,000 fixed and 6,000 portable
     ones. Goodwill Games spokesperson Michael Lewellen: "We feel
     it can all be worked out.  I'm confident" (NEWSDAY, 1/29).