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Volume 24 No. 158

Sports Industrialists

          JEFFREY BELSKUS has been named COO of the Indianapolis
     Motor Speedway (IMS).  Belskus had been IMS Exec
     VP/Administration and Operations (IMS).  In Indianapolis,
     Bill Koenig reports that Belskus is now responsible "for
     most of the major departments at the Speedway," and that one
     priority "is to boost corporate support of the IRL"
     named President of R.J. Reynolds' Sports Marketing
     Enterprises.  Pennell has been with RJR since '79 and has
     been a Brand Marketing Senior VP since '85.  He fills the
     position of the late T. WAYNE ROBERTSON (STAR-NEWS, 1/21). 

           DREW ROSENHAUS was profiled by ABC's Chris Wallace on
     "PrimeTime Live."  Wallace: "This 31-year-old Miami sports
     agent has 45 players and has negotiated $300 million in
     contracts.  And along the way he's made countless enemies." 
     Rosenhaus: "I have zero respect for my competitors.  I spit
     on them."  Rosenhaus's competitors "claim he steals players
     from other agents, that he's more interested in making a
     quick buck than looking out for their long-term interests." 
     DAVID WARE, the agent for BARRY SANDERS: "I believe if
     ballplayers were women that Drew Rosenhaus would be a pimp.
     ... His style seems to give the impression that we're all
     used car salesman and that the players are the used cars." 
     Rosenhaus denied charges that he steals clients, but
     Dolphins President EDDIE JONES has banned him from the
     team's practice facility, saying Rosenhaus solicited players
     signed with other agents in the parking lot.  Wallace noted
     that the NFLPA "received so many complaints about Rosenhaus
     that it toughened the regulations against stealing clients. 
     It's known as the Drew Rule" ("PrimeTime Live," ABC, 1/21).