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          HBO's Mary Carillo reported on certain fan behavior at
     NFL game on "Real Sports."  "Real Sports" took hidden
     cameras to several NFL stadiums over the last three weeks of
     the regular season to observe the behavior of fans. 
     Carillo: "What we found was that problem fans not only
     stagger out of the stadiums - many stagger in."  Eric
     Walker, Exec Dir of the Pontiac Silverdome, who denied a
     Lions request for a ban on alcohol at the stadium during
     games: "You just can't let a few fans destroy a whole
     evening for 80,000 fans."  Carillo: "How much would it cost
     the Silverdome to ban the sale of alcohol?"  Walker: "One
     hundred thousand dollars a ... game, or more. ... When it
     comes to keeping a facility operating and capable of meeting
     its obligations, that's significant."  Bill Cody, NJ State
     Senate Minority Leader - Elect, is "considering legislation
     that would ban the sale of alcohol at sporting events" in
     NJ.  Cody: "If it weren't for the money issue, there
     wouldn't be alcohol sold at sporting events."  NFL VP/
     Stadium Management Joe Ellis was interviewed by Carillo and
     said that 99.9% of fans "drink responsibly."  Carillo showed
     Ellis footage from the hidden cameras featuring some drunk
     fans.  Ellis: "You could have filmed 59-60,000 other people
     coming out of that park, that wouldn't have behaved like
     that. ... [but] it's inappropriate behavior ... we by no
     means condone that" ("Real Sports," HBO, 1/12).