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Volume 24 No. 117
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          In N.Y., TV critic Eric Mink gives tonight's "Real
     Sports with Bryant Gumbel" three-and-a-half stars.  Mink:
     "This program needs to appear more often" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS,
     1/12)....Sunday's N.Y. TIMES' "Money & Business" section
     featured a cover story by Mark Landler titled, "From Gurus
     To Sitting Ducks: Media Executives Lose Their Edge." 
     Landler writes that today's top media execs are "spooked" by
     the Internet because they "did nothing to develop it and
     little to popularize it."  Landler: "And even now, though
     they all maintain sites on the World Wide Web -- some of
     them, like the Disney-owned [ESPN SportsZone], are extremely
     popular -- it is not clear how genuinely the media chiefs
     embrace the net" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/11)....After signing its
     over-the-air rights to Silver King Broadcasting for next
     season, the Heat "has lost its halftime show and its
     postgame coverage for the balance of the season" on current
     over-the-air carrier WBFS-UPN (SUN-SENTINEL, 1/12).