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          On CNN/SI, Jackie MacMullan discussed the controversy
     surrounding 2ball, the new All-Star Weekend event which
     pairs NBA and WNBA players: "The players were upset that the
     league had not notified them that they were getting rid of
     the slam dunk and going to this 2ball set, and they also
     felt a little chagrined that the NBA, who of course is
     controlling the WNBA, was using their venue to promote the
     women's basketball.  And so there was some talk this week
     ... of actually boycotting this event.  Now, the league and
     the players and the union all got together and I think the
     players have decided that this isn't the battle that the
     union wants to fight. ... But clearly, it's just a preview
     of the skirmishes to come ("This Week In The NBA," 1/11).
          THE BUTLER DID IT: Riverdale, NY, high school
     basketball player Niesha Butler said yesterday that she will
     likely attend GA Tech in the fall, where she "would
     consider" playing one year before challenging the WNBA's
     eligibility requirements, according to Ron Dicker of the
     N.Y. TIMES.  The WNBA requires players meet one of four
     criteria to be eligible for its draft: Players must be at
     least 22- years- old, complete college eligibility, have a
     college degree or complete at least two seasons in another
     professional league (N.Y. TIMES, 1/12).  Butler added that
     even if she played in the WNBA, she would still attend
     classes during the school year (N.Y. POST, 1/12).