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Volume 24 No. 114
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          Time Warner Sports President SETH ABRAHAM, who feels
     that boxing promoters must "appeal to the younger set to
     compete with the NBA and the extreme sports," said that HBO
     will promote PRINCE NASEEM HAMED "a little differently than
     most fighters."  HBO has "hired a photographer who had never
     worked with athletes" to shoot Hamed, and Abraham called the
     final product "larger than life, more MTVish."  Abraham, on
     Hamed: "He's got sass.  He's got attitude.  He's got mouth. 
     He's not a shrinking violet.  Even in his heyday, MUHAMMAD
     ALI was never this outrageous" (BOSTON GLOBE, 12/14). 
          WACKO OVER JACKO: MICHAEL JACKSON "dropped in" on Hamed
     yesterday "to admire a possible future dance partner." 
     Jackson: "We've been talking about doing a video together." 
     Jackson said Hamed moves "better than any boxer he's seen
     since" Ali (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 12/16)....As of yesterday, more
     than 6,000 tickets had been sold for MSG's Friday night
     Hamed-Kevin Kelley championship bout.  MSG has set up a 200-
     foot runway for Hamed's "elaborate ring entrance," which has
     taken up to 20 minutes in London.  HBO "is hoping to trim
     Hamed's entrance to 10 minutes" (N.Y. TIMES, 12/16).