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Volume 24 No. 156
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          NBC CEO Bob Wright said yesterday at the PaineWebber
     Media Conference in New York that NBC will post profits this
     year of $1.1-1.2B, up from $953M last year, according to
     Collier & Battaglio of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.  But Wright
     said that there is a limit on how much the network will pay
     to retain rights to the NFL's AFC package: "Everything has a
     price."  Later during the conference, CBS CFO Fred Reynolds
     discussed the NFL TV talks: "While we're interested, I don't
     see the incumbents giving that up" (HOLLY. REPORTER, 12/11). 
          TURNER IN CA: At the Western Cable Show in CA, TCI
     President Leo Hindery said the "sun has set" on the growth
     of the DBS industry "and that there will be no more big
     entertainment deals such as the Disney/ABC and Time
     Warner/Turner mergers," according to Scott Hettrick of the
     HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.  But Time Warner Vice Chair Ted Turner
     said, "There will be more big deals."  Turner, noting the
     restructuring at TCI this year: "It may turn out at some
     point in the future that these big companies like Time
     Warner and Disney are too big and unwieldy" (HOLLYWOOD
     REPORTER, 12/11).  Turner and his wife, Jane Fonda, were
     interviewed on "PrimeTime Live" by ABC's Sam Donaldson. 
     Turner, on Rupert Murdoch: "He doesn't have much in the way
     of principles. ... You can have a lot of stuff and not have
     principles."  Turner, after Donaldson noted that Murdoch
     owns the Dodgers: "He doesn't have them yet.  I mean, it's
     got to be voted on by the owners" (ABC, 12/10).