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Volume 24 No. 155
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          Cardinals 1B MARK McGWIRE has been named The Sporting
     News' '97 Sportsman of the Year (TSN)....TAMEEKA MESSIER,
     the 23-year-old woman who says she was badly injured last
     month when Patriot QB DREW BLEDSOE and OL MAX LANE "dove off
     the stage of a Boston nightclub into a crowd of patrons,
     filed a lawsuit against the players yesterday" (BOSTON
     GLOBE, 12/11)....ERIC LINDROS appeared on the "Late Show"
     with David Letterman.  Lindros, after Letterman asked about
     the "violence" in the NHL: "Everyone's been talking about
     this violence.  It's grown men, playing at a high tempo and
     it's very spirited.  There are no angels, so let's just
     leave it at that" (CBS, 12/10).  In Philadelphia, Les Bowen
     writes that Lindros "turned in a solid effort [on Letterman]
     in what might have been his biggest off-ice performance." 
     The appearance "closely followed the debut of a national IBM
     commercial, Lindros's first such exposure" (DAILY NEWS,
     12/11)....MSNBC's KEITH OLBERMANN had Comedy Central's CRAIG
     KILBORN on "The Big Show."  Olbermann played "5 Questions"
     with Kilborn, with the first question, "What's the most god-
     forsaken place on the East Coast?"  Kilborn: "Secaucus, New
     Jersey."  Olbermann: "No, the correct answer is still
     Bristol, Connecticut."  The last question was "11:00pm ET:
     Daily Show, Big Show or SportsCenter?"  Kilborn answered the
     Daily Show, but the correct answer was "None of the above." 
     Kilborn: "Is 'SportsCenter' still on?  You know what I
     watch, call me quirky, I watch the CNN/SI show and that Fox
     Sports -- they're doing a heck of a job" (MSNBC, 12/10).