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Volume 24 No. 155
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          PACKERS: Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, who has "ruffled
     feathers among other owners" with his efforts to
     decentralize NFLP, wants the Packers to "show the same kind
     of aggressiveness in their marketing scheme that they did in
     developing an $80 million stock plan," according to Tom
     Silverstein of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL.  Jones: "The
     Packers are an example of a team that could take some of the
     things that I'm an advocate of -- marketing, national
     marketing -- and really benefit from that because they have
     a national identity."  Silverstein: "The way the Packers see
     it, they have benefited greatly from revenue-sharing --
     perhaps more than any other team ... and they don't want to
     spit in the face of their benefactor."  Packers President
     Bob Harlan noted the team did hire NY-based National Media
     Group "to explore national possibilities. ... But we did it
     within league specifications" (JOURNAL SENTINEL, 11/21).
          COURT DATES: The new get-tough policy at Philadelphia's
     Veterans Stadium, which included two municipal judges
     handing out fines on the spot, yielded twenty arrests "most 
     for disorderly conduct" and individual fines "ranging from"
     $150-300.  Previous home games "typically ended with 60
     ejections."  One "shackled defendant" yelled, "Howard Stern
     rules!" as he entered the court (DAILY NEWS, 11/24).
          BROWNS: A "source inside the NFL" told Tony Grossi of
     the Cleveland PLAIN-DEALER that there have been "recent
     discussions" between Cleveland business exec Al Lerner and
     former Browns QB Bernie Kosar about "combining forces to
     pursue the Browns expansion team."  Neither man could be
     reached for comment (Cleveland PLAIN-DEALER, 11/23).
          BEARS: The Bears reported 22,989 no-shows for
     yesterday's home game against the Bucs (SUN-TIMES, 11/24).