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Volume 24 No. 113
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          NBA: In AZ, David Leibowitz called the Suns' pay-per-
     view (PPV) package a "rip off."  Leibowitz: "The sad thing
     is, the fans fall for it -- the team expects a jump in buys
     over last year.  Sadder still, the Suns keep trying to sell
     pay-per-view as a favor."  Leibowitz looked at the schedule
     of PPV games vs. free TV games since '93.  While the 78
     regular-season PPV games have featured teams with a total
     winning percentage of .568, teams on the 127 games on free
     TV had a .447 winning percentage.  He also notes that the
     three PPV games this week were against the Rockets, T-Wolves
     and Bulls (ARIZONA REPUBLIC, 11/19).
          NHL: The Islanders and Brett Lindros have "reached a
     settlement" on Lindros' contract.  Lindros retired following
     three concussions suffered on the ice and "indications are"
     that Lindros will receive the full amount due to him in the
     five-year, $7.5M contract, "which could be as high as" $4.5M
     -- depending on how much of the deal was paid out in bonuses
     up front instead of salary (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 11/20).