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Volume 24 No. 160

Leagues Governing Bodies

          "Some 5,000 to 7,000 fans jammed downtown Phoenix, where
     officials of the fledgling" Diamondbacks and Devil Rays
     "gathered to build a future for their teams, one player at a
     time," according to Hoye & Ropp of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC. 
     Outside the draft, "people from all over the country blended
     together for the afternoon to watch the draft unfold,
     transforming Phoenix Civic Plaza into a giant tailgate party"
     (Hoye & Ropp, ARIZONA REPUBLIC, 11/19).
          DESERT NOTES: Marlins GM Dave Dombrowski, on having the
     Devil Rays join the FL market: "I don't think Tampa Bay is
     going to have much on our market per say as far as our
     drawing audience is concerned.  Most of our fans come from
     South Florida, a few from Central Florida, and they'll have a
     chance to go back and forth to both places.  Our key
     primarily is going to be if we can get a new stadium"
     ("SportsCenter," 11/18).  Expos GM Jim Beattie, on the team 
     being forced to dump large salaries: "For us to really build
     some stability with the revenues that will enable us to keep
     these players, that's gonna' come in the package of a new
     stadium, and that's all [that's] important to us right now"
     ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 11/18).  Red Sox CEO John Harrington,
     asked on future expansion: "Before we expand we'll have to
     see an increase in our talent base" (USA TODAY, 11/19).  For
     media coverage of the draft, see (#8).