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Volume 24 No. 113


          The USOC "will package off-year athletic competitions
     under the Olympics aegis for its largest sponsors beginning"
     in '98, according to Terry Lefton of BRANDWEEK.  The events, 
     called the "Olympic Cup," may also "help head off ambush
     activities" by each sport's NGB.  Worldwide TOP Olympic
     sponsors and OPUS sponsors "will be provided with customized
     programming that would match specific countries against the
     U.S." and be created with the cooperation of the NGBs in
     each sport.  TV will be provided by IMG's TWI.  One example
     is a possible U.S. vs. Russia track meet with the
     cooperation of USAT&F.  Lefton: "While some sponsors are
     said to have been cool to the idea out of fear it may dilute
     the Olympics, many welcomed it as an alternative to the
     Olympic festival, which did serve their needs as a national
     marketing platform" (BRANDWEEK, 11/17 issue).