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Volume 24 No. 157

Leagues Governing Bodies

          NBPA Exec Dir Billy Hunter "may be angling" to bring
     licensing rights "under union control as they are in other
     leagues, giving the PA a solid, marketable property for
     licensing and a revenue stream without the owners and league
     as middlemen," according to Terry Lefton of BRANDWEEK. 
     Hunter said that if the CBA is reopened by the league, then
     the licensing rights "and the Group Licensing Agreement all
     run together, so I would say if one is opened up, they
     should all be opened up."  Lefton adds that the group
     licensing agreement, signed "simultaneously" with the CBA,
     but running through 2004, currently generates "a minimum" of
     $25M a year, or about $60,000 per NBA player.  The league
     also "controls" the NBPA logo.  Through a spokesperson, NBA
     CMO Rick Welts called it "extremely premature to address our
     licensing agreement" (BRANDWEEK, 11/10 issue).    
     Boston, Peter May wrote that one item on the agenda at this
     week's NBA Board of Governors meeting is a league-imposed
     "gag order" on NBA owners relating to labor relations.  May:
     "Any owner who comments on the situation will be subject to
     a heavy fine" (BOSTON GLOBE, 11/9).  In L.A., Mark Heisler
     wrote that next July 1, NBA Commissioner David Stern "will
     lock the players out.  In September, as the opening of camps
     near, everyone will get nervous."  Heisler: "All the parties
     have to do is figure out how to divide the riches in a
     mutually satisfactory manner" (L.A. TIMES, 11/9).