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Volume 24 No. 113
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          A comparison of the Heat and NHL Panthers in the Miami
     market was featured in Sunday's MIAMI HERALD.  The Panthers,
     who won 35 games last season and were eliminated in the
     first round of the playoffs, have sold 13,000 season tickets
     for this season, while the Heat, coming off an appearance in
     the Eastern Conference Finals, have sold "just under
     10,000."  But TV ratings are higher for the Heat, whose
     telecasts on broadcast TV averaged a 5.3 last year, while
     the Panthers averaged a 3.4.  Heat President of Business
     Operations Jay Cross, on the ticket disparity: "The answer
     is primarily one of timing.  (In 1996) they went to the
     Stanley Cup, they didn't sell out every game.  The year
     after, they sold out because they were a hot commodity." 
          COMPARISONS: The average ticket price for the Panthers
     is $38.02 -- $1.05 higher than the Heat's $36.97 average --
     and the Panthers are "expecting a ticket-price increase"
     when their new arena opens next season.  While neither team
     would disclose ad budgets, Cross confirmed the Heat's budget
     has been increased, and they will "will advertise more this
     season on TV, radio and bus stops."  The Panthers say
     they've increased their budget, "even though every game sold
     out last year."  Regarding giveaways, the Heat has scheduled
     25 this year, the same as in '96-97, while the Panthers will
     have 10, also the same as last season (MIAMI HERALD, 11/9).