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Volume 24 No. 112

Sports Industrialists

          The SLOC named J. CHARLES RICH as Chief Medical Officer
     for the 2002 Winter Games (SLOC)....AND 1 named ERRIN CECIL-
     SMITH as Dir of Corporate Communications.  Cecil-Smith was
     most recently Director of PR & Integrated Communications at
     The Brownstein Group (AND 1). ...Met-Rx named MARK DEGORTER
     as VP/Marketing (Met-Rx)....The ABL named RODGER RICKARD as
     Senior VP/Development.  Rickard is the former CEO of Comish &
     Carey Residential Real Estate (ABL). ...SportsChannel OH
     promoted TOM FARMER from Senior Producer/Dir to Exec
     Producer, and GLENN MEYER from Programming Manager to Dir of
     Programming & Ops (SportsChannel OH).

          MARTINA NAVRATILOVA, in her column for CONDE NAST SPORTS
     FOR WOMEN, writes that MICHAEL JORDAN is a "great athlete,
     but not a great role model."  She adds that Jordan could
     "make a bigger difference with a lot of kids by talking about
     issues like race and drug issues," but that he is "almost a
     textbook case of being politically ambiguous, especially when
     he knows his words are being reported."  Navratilova adds
     that Jordan "advising" TIGER WOODS on how to handle his
     celebrity is "not good for anyone."  Navratilova: "Coyness,
     avoidance of the media and declining to offer an opinion may
     be safe, but they don't help kids."  Navratilova: "[M]illions
     of youngsters are silently watching your every move.  They
     need to figure out how to be like you without the talents you
     have. ...It may be nice to sit on the fence, but you'll have
     to stand up eventually" (SPORTS FOR WOMEN, 11/97).

          MIKE PAUL, President of NY-based MGP & Associates, Inc.
     announced the creation of MGP's Sports Division.  The
     division will handle general sports marketing assignments,
     but mostly specialize in counseling athletes through various
     crisis situations, including sexual harassment, racial
     discrimination and drug addiction (MGP & Associates).
          OTHER NAMES: SHAWNA RICHER has joined the Toronto Globe
     & Mail as a Toronto-based sports reporter, and will cover "a
     wide range of sports," including football (GLOBE & MAIL,
     10/30). ...DONNA SUMMER will sing the national anthem at
     tonight's Celtics season opener against the Bulls (Celtics).

          Patriots Owner ROBERT KRAFT is profiled in BOSTON
     magazine by Steve Buckley.  Buckley: "Feeling burned by the
     media, believing that his words have been distorted and that
     his aborted attempt to build a 69,000-seat stadium in South
     Boston was misreported, Kraft has become a somewhat
     suspicious owner.  When Kraft speaks these days, his words
     sometimes sound as though they'd been first written down and
     rehearsed in front of a mirror."  Kraft: "I was naive.  I'm a
     lot more careful about what I say now."  Buckley concludes:
     "The worst thing we can say about Bob Kraft is that he wants
     to be loved, that he wants us to keep thanking him for saving
     the Patriots.  And what's wrong with that?" (BOSTON, 11/97). 

          TROY FURR, THE DAILY's Media Relations Manager, has been
     named Director of Media Relations for the Continental
     Basketball Association.  Troy joined THE DAILY in '95 as a
     Staff Writer, was later promoted to Assistant Editor, and has
     served as Media Relations Manager since January '97.  Those
     who have worked with Troy know of his sharp mind, affable
     personality, incredible enthusiasm, and infectious laugh.
     Everyone at THE DAILY is extremely proud of Troy and
     congratulate him on his new position.