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Volume 24 No. 160
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          JIM HARBAUGH has become a partner in Panther Racing, a
     new IRL team that will field cars for SCOTT GOODYEAR
     (INDIANAPOLIS STAR NEWS, 10/30)....Marlins players hit the
     late night circuit on Wednesday.  BOBBY BONILLA, who
     appeared on the "Late Show," on the intensity of Game Seven:
     "There were a couple of Zantac moments.  This is the truth. 
     I took it in the ninth inning.  I was yelling at Larry
     Starr, our trainer, I said, 'Get me that Zantac, please.  I
     can't take this, this is killing me'" (CBS, 10/29).  GARY
     SHEFFIELD appeared on the "Tonight Show."  Sheffield, when
     asked why teal is one of the Marlins' colors: "That's what
     the fish is.  It's all about the fish" (NBC, 10/29)....Conan
     O'Brien: "In the year 2000, God will hold a press
     conference, to announce the firing of Jesus, and the hiring
     of Jets coach BILL PARCELLS" ("Late Night," 10/29).